July 12, 2004



CONTACT: Sue Douglass   740-695-1221






The Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project will hold its monthly public meeting.  WEDNESDAY.  JULY 14, at 7 PM in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, Blaine, Ohio.


On July 2, the contract for the repair and restoration of the 1828 Blaine Bridge was signed, and notification was sent to Fred Bennett, Belmont County Engineer.  According to the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Roxanne Kane, a preconstruction meeting is being arranged.  ODOT will be releasing details of the work after that meeting.


“We are excited to hear the details, and even more excited to see the crews at work on the Bridge”, said Sue Douglass, Chief Officer of the Blaine group.”  With the first, and major, part of the project underway, the community will be able to get a better visual of what we can do to make the entire site complete.”


Douglass urges the continuation of public participation in this important second part effort.


Meeting discussions are centering on site development plans, including landscaping, lighting, and visitor accessibility.  Funds will need to be raised to implement these plans.  Unlike the Bridge repair work, funding for the park can be done in smaller phases, perhaps as each segment is completed. With the guidance and support of the Pease Township officials, acquisition of monies is the major priority of the group at this time.  Private and public dollars will be required to finish the park area.


Project committees are also working on building a local history resource.  Anyone having information about the Blaine area history, including photos, is invited to the meetings or asked to contact any member of the group.


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 The meetings are open to the public and refreshments are served.