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PRESS RELEASE                                                      July 1, 2007

RE: Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project

CONTACT: Sue Douglass,740-695-7260    

The Blaine Bridge Community  Preservation Project is pleased to announce the establishment of an educational trust fund for  all students in the Bridgeport School System. A check for $2000 was delivered by project Chief Officer Sue Douglass, to Bridgeport Superintendent Mark Matz , along with the signed trust document prepared by Judge Frank Fregiato. The 1828 Blaine Bridge Educational Activity Fund  will be operational with the start of the 2007-2008 school year.  

“We are appreciative of any group who helps our kids, and its especially nice when it comes from someone in our district”, said Matz. “ This gift shows where the heart of the Blaine Bridge is”.

The conditions of the fund include all students in the Bridgeport public school system, as well as those attending St. Joseph Central. Its primary focus is to have every  5th grader visit the 1828 Blaine Bridge each year to learn about that site and  local history in general. In addition to these annual field trips, additional educational activities may be provided, depending on the specific plan and having the prior approval of the superintendent , whose office will oversee the fiscal issues.

The fund also is designed to grow, and may receive additional monies from donations, gifts, etc.. The intent is that the trust be held in perpetuity , providing a highlight in the study and appreciation of local history for generations to come.

“ We are very excited and hugely grateful to have this money available from the diligent, hard work  of our project members. And being able to use it as  a gift for our children , and  future generations of children, is a heartwarming thrill for us”, said Douglass. “ A main reason for saving this superb artifact was to encourage understanding and appreciation of the area we call home, giving our children a deep sense of solid roots in the American community. Fifth graders are at the right spot in their education to grasp the great significance of this bridge. And with the trust’s additional features, there is an  opportunity to use the site for band concerts, art shows, and any number of other enjoyable and informational experiences so that all students have the chance to keep local history alive and well”.

The members of the Project will remain as contacts and support personnel available to the schools, and provide materials as they are available.

The Blaine Bridge  group is meeting on  Wednesday, July 11th , starting at 7pm, for a Bridge Walk on the 1828 Blaine Bridge.
It is open to the public. Walking shoes and a chair are suggested. Refreshments will be served.  In case of bad weather , the group will meet at their regular location, the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church. For additional information call Peg Baker, 740-695-1891.


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