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The Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project will hold its monthly public meeting on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, at 7:00 pm, in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, located on the Historic National Road in Blaine, Ohio.  

The meeting will continue the group’s focus on the September 18th dedication event for the newly restored 1828 Blaine Bridge.  The repairs are expected to be complete this summer.

Various committees will be reporting on the progress of the project, including details from the officials working on the Bridge construction. Recently, the first shipment of pavers has been received and the roadside pavers are being laid.

One area of concern for the fall event will be the town preparations as more visitors arrive to see Ohio’s oldest Bridge, the official Bicentennial Bridge of Ohio.  How the town wants to be seen and how it wants to be a welcoming area will need to be addressed.  National attention has been focused on the site with its feature in the National Geographic Appalachian Geo-Tourism guide.Additonally, more state and national publications are doing stories on the historically significant artifact, its restoration, and the history of Blaine.The Ohio Concrete Association has published a major report in its journal, and information has been included in the Federal Highway Administration News.  The Ohio Contractor’s Association is preparing a feature, as are several other trade journals and tourism magazines.

With the increased visibility of the project and the site, interest in moving ahead on the park site area is renewed, with the hope of having preliminary work done by the September event.  Decisions and plans will be reviewed at the public meeting.  One particular element will be to determine the best way to replace the American flags hung along the Historic National Road.  The 20 plus first flags were lost it last year’s floods.  Some basic landscaping plans also need to be implemented. Private citizens are being encouraged to begin personal property roadside and area  plantings, clean-ups, and projects now in order to have the town “ in bloom” for the fall. The group is ready to entertain ideas and suggestions with this effort, and investigate sources of help in achieving attractive and inviting scenes of community pride.

The public is invited to attend the meeting.  Refreshments will be served.  Additional information is on the website


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