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Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project  



PRESS RELEASE                                                         AUGUST10, 2002



The Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project will hold a meeting WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, at 7:00pm, in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, in Blaine. The meeting is open to the public.

There will be several major announcements made. Among them will be the date of next year’s Homecoming Festival, as well as a report of this year’s event. There will be information regarding the details and timeline concerning the   official Bicentennial marker for the 1828 Bridge. Work on the marker is now in progress.

This meeting will also address the financial concerns of the project. A general  financial  statement will be discussed and made available. Activities to generate income for organizational operations will be reviewed. Sale of logo items (hats, shirts, crocks, etc.) continue and can be readily purchased at ROSEBUDS AND MORE, in Lansing, OH. For more information call 740-633-6210. 

Additionally, the details of a major membership drive will be put into place. A chairman and committee is expected to start that activity immediately. While a paid membership is not necessary to attend the meetings or participate in the group’s activities, formal membership will allow the person to vote in project matters, receive the Newsletter, and get advance notice of special activities and products. The membership is $10 per person. Interested persons can join at any time now. This year’s drive will close in November.

After the business portion of the meeting, a video of the Festival will be available for viewing. Photos of the event will be on display. Anyone wishing to share additional pictures of this event or any relevant history is encouraged to bring them at this time. During this activity, there will be an ice cream social to enjoy, along with the fellowship and conversation. “ The most successful aspect of our Homecoming Festival was in the outstanding number of people who came to share in the sense of community and kinship that is at the heart of this town’s adventure”, said Douglass, chief officer of the project.“ We want that to continue, to grow, and to thrive. We encourage all of our friends to come to the meetings, and enjoy the heartwarming spirit of this community project.”

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, except in December.


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