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PRESS RELEASE                                                                   AUG. 14, 2002


FROM:  SUE DOUGLASS, Chief Officer           

The Wednesday night meeting of the Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project, Inc. welcomed US Rep.Ted Strickland to his first visit with the group. In a session with the leadership, Cong.Strickland was briefed on the scope and direction of the plans to restore the 1828 Bridge and develop the park area. When he addressed the large group, the Congressman expressed his interest in the project, requested additional information, and promised to consult with the other elected officials already involved in the venture. The Blaine area will become part of Strickland’s new district, though Cong. Bob Ney will continue to work through portions of the community revitalization that are in progress.

Ohio House Rep. Charlie Wilson also attended the meeting and congratulated the members on the success of the Homecoming Festival. As plans for the Ohio Bicentennial unfold, Wilson said he would “be sure” the official Bicentennial Bridge was part of the state’s celebration. Visiting among the meeting’s participants as they shared photos and enjoyed ice cream, Wilson offered his continued support to the activities of the project. “It is great to see this town come alive again”, said Wilson.

In related matters, Pease Township Roger Weaver, and Marianne Huey of the Governor’s Regional Development Office discussed the implementation of the grant monies that are making their way through the process. A plan to develop the interpretative park site will be done when these funds arrive.

Sue Douglass, chief officer, made two major schedule announcements concerning 2003 activities for the organization. The Homecoming Festival will be held June 28. Bobby Douglas will be returning and participating in the  event. “Our first festival enjoyed wonderful enthusiasm. Most of all it generated great new interest, which we are going to build into larger involvement. We met the mark we set in wanting to remind our families, friends, and neighbors that there is a larger community spirit alive and well in the hometown; a spirit they carry with them wherever they are”, said Douglass.

Douglass also announced that the Official Bicentennial Historical Marker for the Bridge is in the process of being finalized, and will be delivered in July, 2003. When the exact date is known, an additional celebration will take place to mark the commemoration. “We will enjoy a full participation in Ohio’s major anniversary celebration”, promised Douglass, reinforcing  Rep. Wilson’s remarks.

Due to these specific discussions, other news concerning future fundraising , and the membership drive will be developed and announced at a slightly later time. 


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