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PRESS RELEASE                                                         January 04, 2003



The BLAINE BRIDGE COMMUNITY PRESERVATION PROJECT will resume monthly meetings starting WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, Blaine,Ohio. The public meeting will begin at 7:00pm.

At the November meeting new officers were elected. This  year’s officers are: President, Greg Zelenitz, Secretary, Susan Dalton, and Treasurer, John Skoberne. Past President Sandy Butch and past secretary Loretta Gasperini will continue to work closely with the Project. They were warmly thanked for their excellent work in leading the group through its first year. Gerry Zambori will retain her place on the Executive Committee. Sue Ogden  remains chair of the membership  committee. There will be reports from all of these chairs at this meeting.

Although there was no meeting in December, the Project  did continue its activities. Missy Zambori and Brian Taylor  headed the building of a parade float and  participated in the Bridgeport and St. Clairsville Christmas Parades.The Pease Township trustees are continuing to negotiate the contract for the site plan. The development of the informational brochure  is nearly complete. Using grant dollars from the Belmont County Tourism Council, Sue Douglass and Joe Khrelik of Express Graphics  created an  informational card which we will be distributed to tourist areas.

With Ohio’s Bicentennial year now here, the 1828 Blaine Bridge, Ohio’o Official  Bicentennial Bridge, will be involved in several  major activities. The site will be listed in the official Ohio Celebration calendar, and several tourism brochures. At this meeting, plans will be set into gear to organize the June 28 Homecoming Festival, the July Bicentennial marker dedication, and the Bicentennial Wagon Train. Anyone interested in helping , in any way, with these activities is urged to attend the meeting.

The Bicentennial celebrations  will continue to focus attention on Ohio’s oldest documented bridge, and  its need to be preserved. “ The successful creation of this Gateway to the West area was, and remains , a key contribution to the successful growth of this country  beyond the Appalachian mountains. Our Bridge was a vital link in United States transportation history, an essential connection to this country’s entire history,”said Sue Douglass, chief officer of the Project. “ It is our responsibility, our obligation  to preserve this treasured artifact which ‘tells’ the story  of the American adventure.Substantial funding for the major repair work has not been acquired, and remains a key objective for the  Blaine group. Additional information and discussion of details are part of the public meetings.


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