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RE:  Blaine Bridge Comm. Preservation Project

DATE:  Feb. 8, 2003



The Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project will hold a public meeting WEDNESDAY,FEB.12, at 7:00pm, in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, Blaine, Ohio. 

The meeting will focus on the development of the site plan for the area around the 1828 “S” Bridge. Landscape architect Gabe Hays was awarded the contract at the January meeting. Hays, and Marianne Huey of the Governor’s Office of Development will be at the meeting. Huey is working with the Pease Township Trustees in facilitating the use of the planning grant monies. Working with the Project’s  Executive Committee, Hays is gathering the initial information  to begin work on actual plans for the interpretative park area. In keeping with the goals of the Project, Hays will create a design that is compatible with the current wants and needs of the community and serve future concerns as well. His directive is to make the park an easily accessible informational  location, and enhance the natural setting of the unique 3-arch bridge. The park is to retain the authentic historical elements and allow visitors to have a realistic experience of travel on the Historic National Road.

“ Gabe is being delegated to frame our vision into an actual picture,” said Sue Douglass, chief officer. “ His role is to interpret the history of the Bridge into an interactive, educational area. Aside from enjoying the beauty of the structure (the Bridge ), visitors will be able to understand and appreciate it more if  its historical context is clearly defined. The challenge is to keep the development natural and authentic to the era of the Bridge’s original character yet conform to modern requirements.”

Douglass emphasizes that Hays and this activity are design steps only. Plans for any actual construction  will be decided after this design phase is completed. Hays is to have the drawings ready by, May 2003.

 In a related matter, Lichtenstein Consulting is still at work on the engineering studies for the actual Bridge restoration.Those plans are expected very soon and will provide a basis for the contractual repair work to save the structure.


These two planning steps for the 1828 Bridge and the park site are separate elements which will eventually  blend into one overall site and experience. All grant monies received to date are being used  to establish  the critical preliminary designs and diagrams. Those plans provide the basis for seeking the additional dollars needed to accomplish the goals. The major challenge is to compete successfully for the larger amount of monies it will take to implement the plans, making the vision a reality.

Also at the meeting, there will be announcements of  Bicentennial activity plans, dates of the celebrations,  membership updates, and committee reports.   

Additional  information about the Blaine Bridge Project is available at www.blainebridge.org 



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