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DATE:   APRIL 6, 2003

The public meeting of the Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project will be WED., APRIL 9, 2003.  It will start at 7:00 pm in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, in Blaine, OH.  This meeting will feature a special program presented by Barnesville teachers, Gail Koch and Alice Gordon.  They will discuss a power-point presentation titled The Appalachian Coal Mining Project.  Their goal is to build a scale model of Blaine, as it was in its active days as a coal-mining town, developed through student research and participation.  It connects on additional educational aspect of local history and recognition of cultural heritage to the efforts of the 1828 Blaine Bridge preservation group.

“Joining these teachers and their project to our current art/essay project is an additional way to include our young citizens in the active interest they have shown in learning about their history and culture”, said Sue Douglass, chief officer of the Bridge Project.  “All of these activities build an understanding and appreciation of our communities which will remain a positive memory our young people will hold as a source of pride all of their lives”.

The general public and school students are encouraged to attend this presentation.


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