Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project  



CONTACT:  Sue Douglass, Chief Officer  



DATE: JUNE 2, 2003


At the May 21 special meeting of the Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project, the student winners of the art/essay contest were announced, and the site plan for the historical interpretive park area was unveiled.

Gabe Hays, of Hays Landscape Architecture Studio, St. Clairsville, Ohio, made the feature presentation of the park site plan to the capacity crowd in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, in Blaine.  He described the drawings, and discussed the details of making the area adjacent to the Historic 1828 Blaine Bridge more easily accessible to the visiting public.  While the plan does encompass a total future vision for a large area, Hays emphasized that it can be built in various segments.  The plan includes special lighting, safe walking paths, placement of historical information, and enhancement of the natural setting.  A unique feature would be the construction of an overlook from the western side of the current Blaine Hill Viaduct.  Copies of the written report were distributed to the Project’s leadership for study.  Marianne Huey, of the Governor’s Office of Development was present, as was Fred Bennett, Belmont Count Engineer.  The drawings will continue to be on display at meetings and events of the Project.  

A major part of the meeting was devoted to the announcement of the winners of the art/essay contest.  Works were displayed in the Church Hall.  Students from The Bridgeport Schools, St. Clairsville Elementary and Middle Schools, St. Mary’s St. Clairsville School, Union Local Elementary, Bellaire Middle School, and the Barnesville Middle School participated.  Winners for each of those schools were recognized.  Final winners were chosen from that group.  (See attached list of winners; FINAL winners are indicated by *).  Of the 17 winners, 13 were present to receive their awards.  Teachers Sandy Orr, St. Clairsville School, Lorna Carroll, St. Mary’s, and Jennifer Cullen, Bellaire School, were recognized for their effort and encouragement of the students.  Gail Koch, Barnesville Middle School teacher, was recognized for the participation of her students as well as her involvement in the on-going Coal Heritage Project she is pursuing with the Blaine Bridge project.  “I knew this Project had heart”, said Sue Douglass, chief officer of the organization.  “This student participation proves that the ‘heartbeat’ of the project is strong and healthy.  When our young people respond with such enthusiasm and energy we can confidently continue our plans, knowing we are building a bridge to the future.” 

Hundreds of art/ essay works were submitted.  The winning entries will be a feature presentation at the 3 events in Blaine: the June 21st Wagon Train Stop, the June 28th Homecoming Festival, and the July 9th Historical Marker dedication ceremony.  As many of the works as possible will also be on display.  They will be able to be viewed in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church rooms.  Students who wish to have their work returned to them may pick them up on July 9, in Blaine. 

The regular meeting schedule of the organization resumes on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, in Blaine.  The open to the public meeting begins at 7:00 PM.  


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