Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project  



                                             MARCH 30, 2003

RE:  Art/Essay Contest : Saving an American Treasure: The 1828 Blaine

        Bridge ( grades K-12, Belmont County Schools )

Students in Belmont County are invited  to participate in an art and essay sponsored by the Blaine Bridge Community PreservationProject. The competition is open to all K-12 grades in the county. Schools in the  Bridgeport, St.Clairsville, and Union Local Districts are the target groups.

The purpose of the activity is to encourage creative and unique expressions of support for the preservation of the unique and significant artifact, the 1828 Blaine “S ” Bridge, Ohio’s Official Bicentennial Bridge. Located on Historic National Road, the All American National Scenic By-way, the old bridge is in grave need of immediate repairs. The importance of the site and the artifact will be the heart of the competition as Project officials seek a variety of  ideas and  reasons to save  a local treasure which has national attention. Entrants are urged to participate in one or both parts of the contest. Complete rules, guidelines and prizes are available at the target schools, or by sending requests to: Blaine Bridge Project, PO Box 95, Blaine, OH 43909.

The Blaine group’s motto is: “Bridging the future, preserving the past”. “There is no way we can have any hope for a better future without involving our younger citizens at an early stage of their lives”, said Sue Douglass, project chief officer. “ Children need to know and enjoy the uniqueness of their community, and adults need to understand and appreciate the value of  the fresh ideas and energies children bring to community projects. Those are the keys to the present and future growth and vitality of our towns.”  

This contest is designed to attract all age groups to the efforts of saving, and enjoying local history  while sharing knowledge of and building pride in it.  All entries must be submitted by April 17, 2003. Winners will be featured in the Project’s Bicentennial events. Prizes  range from  shirts to shopping gift certificates. Winners will be announced at the MAY 14 meeting of the Blaine organization. 


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