Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project  



The Blaine Bridge Community Preservation Project will have a special meeting WEDNESDAY, MAY 21.  The public meeting will begin at 7:00pm, in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, located on the Historic National Road in Blaine, Ohio.  

Two major events will happen at this meeting :

1. Winners of the Belmont County schools art/essay contest will be announced and the prizes awarded.  The art/essay works submitted will be on display.  Any students who participated in the contest are asked to attend this meeting.

2. Gabe Hays, of Hays Landscaping, will present the full visual rendering of the proposed historical park site plan.  Hays was awarded the contract to develop the plan from a combination of grant monies.  His final work concludes the 2 planning phases of the Blaine Bridge Project.  Lichtenstein Consulting Engineers of Columbus, Ohio recently completed the engineering studies and designs for the bridge structure.  With the completion of these 2 sets of plans, the Blaine Bridge Project is now ready for full implementation, pending the acquisition of major funds.

This meeting is open to the general public.  All media are invited to attend.


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